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In English Seminarium och workshops
Torsdag 16 juni
Seminarium och workshops

13:00 - 16:00


Garvaren, Strålfors


In the diverse world of intangible cultural heritage, every local element and community around it, from fishing traditions to handicraft, transfers its knowledge and skills to coming generations through stories. What means of communication, language and interpretations are used to motivate children and youth to continue fostering the element? What kind of storytelling elements does your community use to pass on its heritage? What is the meaning of these stories and how are they used? In the seminar we will hear examples of different ICH elements from Nordic and Baltic area, focusing especially on the roles that storytelling has in transmitting their heritage.

Medverkande: Matti Hakamäki (Finland), Aivar Ruukel (Estland), Leif Stinnerbom, Annika Nordström, Tine Winther m.fl.

Organisatörer: Nordic and Baltic Network of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Sagobygden.


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