The giant and the courageous queen

In English Seminarium och workshops
Lördag 18 juni
Seminarium och workshops

09:00 - 12:00


Garvaren, Sal Sohlberg


Mareike Tiede

Stories have long been used for transmitting knowledge from generation to generation. Before the written word, such knowing was passed from mouth to ear, within fire circles on the earth. Stories throughout millennium united us in ways that opinion and dispute did not. In these difficult times when conflict is so easily ignited, it may well serve us to return to the universality of community storytelling.

This workshop will explore the wisdom and guidance of a story. Including how metaphor expands understanding and how stories naturally host multiple ways of seeing our world. We will explore the hidden magic within a particular story in order to walk with story in a humane and inclusive way. No preparation is needed before the workshop.


Pris Vuxen 400 kronor, Ungdom 16-25 år 200 kronor (ingår ej i festivalpass)


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